Mission Statement

Whether I find myself in the middle of a field of sunflowers,
or alone in the darkest alley,
I shall always remember what is most important to me.

I shall slow down,
feel life flowing through my body with every inspiration
and for this alone I shall be grateful.

I shall be honest to myself and to others,
for I know honesty is the key to a better tomorrow.

I shall prepare the future with optimism,
for soon it will be present.

I shall always listen to the music playing in my heart.
I shall never let a spring go by without making mine
the sweet smell of a rose.

I shall not wait for tomorrow to see the nicest sunset,
for I know that today has one as well.

I shall grow as a person a little bit every day.
And I shall always remember that life is full of fields of sunflowers,
so when I happen to find one along my path,
I shall slow down and keep my eyes on it just a bit longer.