I remember that night. It was 1989 but the pain is still so vivid in me like
if it was today. You had left excited to finally see your favorite soccer team play.
You had left not knowing it would have been your last good-bye.

I remember when they told me.
The world collapsed under my feet. I felt the cold hands of death,
felt reality stare at me with fire ball eyes, felt fear grab my senses.

Forgetting embraced me and I accepted. It was the only way.
Markus, now I realize I should have never tried to burry the pain.
I miss being your baby sister, miss the way you made me feel secure,
miss that part of me that was within you.

But when Fall comes and the leaves play their game of love
I shall always think of you, hear your voice whispering with the wind.
And when I am sitting alone on a mountain side I will always feel
your warmth drying my tears. But most of all I will try
to always let your joy of life grow strong within me.